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With their second album "Golden" Eldorado received different awards, the USA Independent Music Awards chose them as best hard rock album and song. "The House of the 7 Smokestacks" has also been a finalist as best international song in the Australian Musicoz Awards. And "Atlantico" was selected from amongst 15,000 entrants as a finalist in the rock composition category in the US International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

The band is presenting their new album, "Antigravity Sound Machine" in the Canadian Music Week.
Financed directly and with no intermediaries by the fans thourgh a crowfunding initiative, this new album has arisen a lot of interest and expectations in the media. If you are planning to attend the conference, please come over to the Cherry Cola's Rock N' Rolla Cabaret (200 Bathurst Street - Toronto, ON M5T 2RB) on
Saturday, March, the 24th at 1AM
. You'll see an amazing show and meet the band!

The new album will be composed of 12 songs. Here there are some of them, that were recorded in a TV show in Spain and live opening for Thin Lizzy in Madrid. I hope you like them!!

Concert in the TV show "Los Conciertos de Radio3":
Lady of the Mountain
Another Bright Sunday
Like a Lost Child
Midnight Games
Background Radiation
Concert opening for Thin Lizzy:
Mr. Saturn

EPK: Sonicbids
"Eldorado are one of the best new hard rock bands out there today. This is as good a new band as I've heard in a long time. Believe it or not, 2009 is a great time to be an old school rock fan, BIG THANKS to bands like Eldorado. These boys, aren't afraid to buck trends and bring back the ROCK!" All Access Magazine - The Atomic Chaser

"..I thought that this band could easily, and single-handedly, resurrect and restore fundamental hard rock for a new international generation. .. Eldorado, their self-titled second release is equally stunning....Eldorado has done it again on their self-title sophomore release. Very recommended!" Dangerdog - Craig Hartranft

"Every year there are a few releases that come out of left field and make a mark that is destined to last in your musical memory for quite some time and with Golden, Eldorado have done just that." Sea Of Tranquility - Steven Reid

"...Trujillo has a killer rock voice that perfectly fits into Eldorado's roots metal. Golden captures the raw sound and energy of 70s metal legends like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Rainbow, yet delivers the sound with a crystal clear production." Sleaze Roxx - Skid

"...This is a band ready to break and break big; all it takes is the right marriage of opportunity and luck. Everything else is in place here. Vocalist Jesus Trujillo is an ideal front man, and Eldorado is as tight as a band can be."
Wildy's Word

"Surely "Golden" can be considered as better album than "Cosmic Egg" of the multi-promoted Wolfmother and surely Eldorado seem to be the next best thing in Hard Rock since The Answer. Their second album has raised the bar high, both for them and for any band that'll try to make something better." MetalZone

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